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Frameworks Berlin makes an absolutely one-of-a-kind frame at a highly professional level. All frames are hand made from colorful and unique recycled wood found in Germany. Frames from new wood are also hand made, in order to cover all desired framing styles for our customers. You will receive knowledgeable advice and together select wood, paper, mattboard, and glass for your most favorite piece of art.

We aren’t just artists, we are highly skilled professional picture framers, experienced with the highest standards of preservation, and working to make a sustainable product that has history.


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Picture Frame Care: Protecting Valuable Frames

Picture Frame Care: Protecting Valuable FramesWhether you received it as a gift or you have created the picture frame yourself, one thing is for sure. You cherish it. You want to keep it in good condition for a long time. This is especially true when you purchase a high quality and high value picture from the top picture frame companies in Berlin. But, having and displaying your photos is not enough. You want to take steps to preserve those items so that you can continue to hold onto them for many years to come.

How to Keep Yourself Protected

How can you protect a picture frame in the proper manner? To start with, consider these tips.

    • If you have a high valued, talk to the manufacture of that frame to find out what is the right method for cleaning and using the frame. Depending on the type of stain or paint on the exterior and depending on the overall material type, you may have very specific steps to follow to keep your picture frame in good condition.
    • Picture Frame Care: Protecting Valuable FramesThink about dust and debris. It is important to keep the exterior of the frame clean and dust free. When dust builds up, it is more likely to enter into the frame itself or into the details on the frame. This can be difficult to clean out over time.
    • Next, think about moisture. This is never a good thing for your photos. To help, start with using a dehumidifier in the space. You want the air to be dry since this will help to prevent the spread of moisture into the photo. Keep it out of areas that could become damp, such as the kitchen or bathroom.
    • Think about the light itself. You do not want your picture frame to be exposed to direct sunlight from the earth. Instead, you want to ensure that your frame is in good position for your needs. And, then, be sure there is no direct sunlight on the surface that will damage your frame or your photo.

Picture Frame Care: Protecting Valuable FramesIt is important to know that picture frames differ in material option as well as in proper cleaning and care methods. Though they may not seem like they need much attention, but these types of picture frames can quickly become family heirlooms if you keep them in good working order for years to come. The right frame from the top picture frame company in Berlin makes all of the difference.

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TAKING CARE: 101 At Home Tips for Protecting your Custom Picture Frame

You might think that taking care of your custom or vintage picture frame was straight forward. Bought and Hung, nothing more to think about. But that is not necessarily the case. With all nice things, a little TLC once and a while is necessary. Some basic rules:


Moisture, dew, damp, water, humidity—they all cause pictures to ripple and change form. In the winter the paper will bend one way, and in summer it will bend the other way. Decided to hang that contemporary picture frame in the bathroom? All that moisture from the shower will be absorbed into the paper, causing more ripples, and if the paper were to touch the glass, then it might stick to the glass, damaging the print/art/photo over time.

Extreme Temperatures

In addition to moisture and humidity—radiators, fireplaces, heating systems; sudden and extreme temperature changes will cause the paper to morph and curve. Minor fluctuations in the print, photo, art, paper are totally normal. Do not be nerved by this. Paper is a porous material, that changes with its environment. So be aware of this, and protect your art as best your can from extremes.


All that damp in the kitchen, can easily be absorbed into the back board of the picture frame, into the art, and encourage fungal growth, aka mold. Common cold is obvious to most, but on paper this might show up as brown stains. Conservation type framing will undoubtedly help to slow these effects, but it is ultimately the best to hang your newly bought Berliner moulding custom picture frame somewhere dry and away from moisture.

Plastered Walls

The previous two points also manifest when hung on your newly plastered Berlin walls. Please don’t. It is recommended to wait at least 6 months before hanging.


Take notice to the sunlight. Especially if you do no have UV protective glass in your picture frame. Overtime, the sun will bleach your picture and the paper will deteriorate. Forms of conservation mounting and framing will significantly reduce the deterioration of your paper, but this does not mean that one should hang your vintage picture frame with professional photograph in the direct sunlight. Take Care. 


Just like when hanging a print, storing is a form of hanging. Take notice not to store your picture frame sideways or upside down (would you hang it on the wall this way?) The frame and art inside should be stored standing vertically. This helps to protect the mounting, and not lead to any long term damage to the paper that could occur if left in storage the wrong way.


After you have put your beautiful up-cycled picture frame from Frameworks Berlin on the wall, you still want to care for it periodically. Like all the other things in your house, clean it! Use a rag, and spray your organic glass cleaner onto a rag first, then cleaning the glass. If you have UV protected-antireflection glass— use alcohol to clean it. The soap in the normal glass cleaner will leave streaks on the the fancy glass! Try to avoid the bottom of the the vintage frame, because over time the cleaning will wear it away.

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