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Frameworks Berlin makes an absolutely one-of-a-kind frame at a highly professional level. All frames are hand made from colorful and unique recycled wood found in Germany. Frames from new wood are also hand made, in order to cover all desired framing styles for our customers. You will receive knowledgeable advice and together select wood, paper, mattboard, and glass for your most favorite piece of art.

We aren’t just artists, we are highly skilled professional picture framers, experienced with the highest standards of preservation, and working to make a sustainable product that has history.


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How to Create a Travel Inspired Gallery Wall

In an age of social media, it’s easy to focus your photography efforts on Instagram and Facebook. After all, posting photos online means far more people will see your amazing shots of the Great Barrier Reef or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. However, whilst posting photos online is great, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could create a travel-inspired gallery wall at home? Just in case you need reminding to book another fabulous trip!

Gallery walls are the latest trend in home decoration. Instead of displaying one or two photos on a wall, you can create a large gallery feature instead. It’s easy to do and so much more fun. Here is a quick guide to what you need and what you should include in your pictorial display.

Choose a Wall

Location is everything. Sure, you could create a gallery wall in your downstairs restroom, but wouldn’t it be more fun to have a larger space to play with? Pick a room such as your den or a breakfast room where you have plenty of room to play with. An expansive wall is best, but you can scale down your gallery if you are limited on space.

Collect Photos and Other Travel Memorabilia

Pull together a collection of photos, postcards, posters, travel tickets, and anything related to your travel. Focus on one trip or build a collection based on several trips. One location works well, especially if it has sentimental value, but don’t limit yourself.

Frame Your Pictures

The next job is to frame your photos and other travel memorabilia. Selecting similar picture frames is a great way to make a gallery wall more cohesive, but feel free to mix and match different styles of frame. For example, plain wood frames can be mixed up with more decorative frames and box frames containing travel mementos. Some items, for example, ticket stubs or posters may not need a frame.

Experiment with a Layout

The layout is important, so don’t rush this stage. Select a central image and use this as your starting point. Your favorite photo or a great poster will do. Arrange everything else around this one image, mixing up large and small frames. Place pictures on the floor and try different layouts until you find one you are happy with. Take a photo using a smartphone so you don’t forget where each piece goes. Now it’s time to get hanging!

If you need inspiration for your picture frames, check out our awesome collection in-store

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Berliner Morgenpost article about Frameworks!

Wood that tells stories

With Claire D’Orsay, individual picture frames are made from old shipwrecks or rotten leaves.


Everything must go. Marode is the staircase house, which is being renovated. Dust is in the air. Construction workers carry floorboards from the corridor and throw them carelessly on the sidewalk. Are nothing more worth, useless. And suddenly there is a young woman standing in front of the mountain full of wood, explaining to the men with a strong American accent that she can still use the wood remnants.

Claire D’Orsay packs some of it into her small van and goes to the studio. New booty for their business. The New Yorker always looks for it, keeps her eyes open – in the city and the surrounding area, sometimes also in Bali.

Old boathouses are there, in Berlin then rotten arbours, dwelling-houses, uninhabited stuff on the roadside. Floorboards, window frames, doors. Whilst not every wood is suitable. Veneered oak, for example, is clearly scrap, she says.

The 31-year-old recycled the old wood for picture frames, which she herself builds and sells in her shop “Frameworks” on the Reichenberger street. D’Orsay is a mastermind. This sounds old-fashioned, perhaps also somewhat trivial.

You will find frames everywhere

Frame … pff, one might think. No one needs frame. That’s right. They are not necessarily essential to life, but they have pretty walls, present painting and photography, and are more ubiquitous than they think. You just have to look around. In hotels, museums, restaurants, apartments – you can find everywhere you like.

As a child psychologist, D’Orsay came to Berlin. That was in 2010 when the visa of her Berlin girlfriend ended in America. So they went to their friend’s home together.

A city in which much seems possible. Just as in America, too, but D’Orsay finds something different. Here, you are overwhelmed by free-spirited creatives, because life is so much cheaper than in New York.

“There’s nothing you can do in Berlin,” she says. This does not mean those who come here to loosen, because this works so particularly well. D’Orsay says that you can actually create something with an idea, even if you do not have the perfect prerequisites from the beginning.

It is something that can really be tackled

Even if the job as a psychologist had been much safer, D’Orsay did not want to. And this, even though she would have had a job at one of the international schools in Berlin. This was tempting. But the real human, which is why she likes the profession in theory, is often lost in practice, she says.

“It is too rare for the child or the young people themselves, but more about the Drumherum: school performance, parents, sports.” So, rather, where you can really tackle, see what you can do.

Of course, she also lured the new freedom that she felt in Berlin. She remembered the frame store opposite her university, Boston College. The price was high, so that she could not afford it. So she just built one herself. Her artisan talent was more or less interrupted by the will of the parents to study something sensible.

Far away from such restrictions, she now set off in Berlin and knocked at frame-makers. Only Stephan Landwehr gave her the chance. After three trials, she received a three-month course in the company of the man, the owner of the “Grill Royals” and two other restaurants. She stayed there for more than three years.

“It is mainly white, brown and green”

She framed real Picasso’s and works of all the Starfotographers for the Camera Work gallery. “I did not have to go to exhibitions at the time,” she says. So much art went through her hands.

What distinguishes them is their sustainable work. Actually, from an economic point of view, it began to be recycled. Because wood is expensive. To become independent means always risk. Apart from saving material costs, d’Orsay has the feeling that every framework is telling a story through its workings.

“A unique one from a door and the floor of a garden leave speaks differently from the wood of a grit mill of 1750,” she says. From the point of view of wood technology, D’Orsay is sometimes bored with Berlin. “It is mainly white, brown and green.” The foundations of pink varnished bearded doors of the Ballhaus Grünau from the 19th century felt like that of gold bars.

In the middle of December their first restaurant will be ready

Your idea of ​​sustainability is now also reflected in the restaurant that will open it. The “vertical” is to be finished by the middle of December and will fit into D’Orsay’s efficient ideal. Actually, the building in which it lies is the inspiration for its relatively spontaneous idea. The new building at Reichenberger Straße 86 is the first in Berlin, which is covered by a comprehensive ecological, vertically planted garden. The roofs are also completely green.

The focus is on environmentally friendly visions: reduction of noise pollution through the special insulation, improved air quality, reduction of the carbon footprint by reducing energy costs. “But it is also a matter of stimulating people to think about themselves and the environment in which they live when they pass the building,” says D’Orsay.

All this she would like to transfer to the restaurant card. Sustainability must not only be a trend, because it disappears after a certain time. The concept creeps into more and more areas of life and can only mean good things.

Article link: http://m.morgenpost.de/berlin/article208811527/Holz-das-Geschichten-erzaehlt.html

Picture Frame Care: Protecting Valuable Frames

Picture Frame Care: Protecting Valuable FramesWhether you received it as a gift or you have created the picture frame yourself, one thing is for sure. You cherish it. You want to keep it in good condition for a long time. This is especially true when you purchase a high quality and high value picture from the top picture frame companies in Berlin. But, having and displaying your photos is not enough. You want to take steps to preserve those items so that you can continue to hold onto them for many years to come.

How to Keep Yourself Protected

How can you protect a picture frame in the proper manner? To start with, consider these tips.

    • If you have a high valued, talk to the manufacture of that frame to find out what is the right method for cleaning and using the frame. Depending on the type of stain or paint on the exterior and depending on the overall material type, you may have very specific steps to follow to keep your picture frame in good condition.
    • Picture Frame Care: Protecting Valuable FramesThink about dust and debris. It is important to keep the exterior of the frame clean and dust free. When dust builds up, it is more likely to enter into the frame itself or into the details on the frame. This can be difficult to clean out over time.
    • Next, think about moisture. This is never a good thing for your photos. To help, start with using a dehumidifier in the space. You want the air to be dry since this will help to prevent the spread of moisture into the photo. Keep it out of areas that could become damp, such as the kitchen or bathroom.
    • Think about the light itself. You do not want your picture frame to be exposed to direct sunlight from the earth. Instead, you want to ensure that your frame is in good position for your needs. And, then, be sure there is no direct sunlight on the surface that will damage your frame or your photo.

Picture Frame Care: Protecting Valuable FramesIt is important to know that picture frames differ in material option as well as in proper cleaning and care methods. Though they may not seem like they need much attention, but these types of picture frames can quickly become family heirlooms if you keep them in good working order for years to come. The right frame from the top picture frame company in Berlin makes all of the difference.

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Frameworks Berlin – Introduction

bilderrahmen-berlin-deutschlandWe would like to introduce FRAMEWORKS, a professional framing shop that is located right inside the old Stadtbad (public swimming pool and sauna) in the area of Wedding in Berlin.

Frameworks-Berlin-Custom-Picture-FramesFrameworks Berlin makes an absolutely one-of-a-kind frame at a highly professional level. All frames are hand made from colorful and unique recycled wood found in Berlin. This trend is also know as “Upcycling” in Germany. Modern contemporary styles of wooden picture frames are also hand made, in order to cover all desired framing styles for our customers. Standard, pre-made sizes and custom-sized frames are prepared to perfectly fit your favorite piece of art.

Bilderrahmen-aus-altem-HolzOwner Claire D’Orsay moved to Berlin from Brooklyn in 2010. After working in a high end framing, she began exploring personalized and unique options for custom framing. Taking from the history of vintage frames, where frames were massive and decorative—in themselves pieces of art—it became time to create something new from something old.

Frameworks Berlin is the manifestation of that story. By using recycled materials, we are reclaiming not only the material, but creating a novel and highly professional experience for the customer. We aren’t just artist, we are highly skilled professional picture framers, experienced with the highest standards of preservation, and working to make a sustainable product that has history.


Frameworks can been contacted at:


facebook-icon-frameworks-berlin www.facebook.com/frameworksB


Email > info@frameworksberlin.com

Phone > +49 (0)176 31 38 73 06

Stattbad Wedding

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