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Frameworks Berlin makes an absolutely one-of-a-kind frame at a highly professional level. All frames are hand made from colorful and unique recycled wood found in Germany. Frames from new wood are also hand made, in order to cover all desired framing styles for our customers. You will receive knowledgeable advice and together select wood, paper, mattboard, and glass for your most favorite piece of art.

We aren’t just artists, we are highly skilled professional picture framers, experienced with the highest standards of preservation, and working to make a sustainable product that has history.


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Why Recycled Materials?

recycled-picture-frames-berlin-01People often ask me how I came up with the idea of using recycled materials for our custom picture frames, and I have to admit, it wasn’t a novel idea. Recycled products are currently very trendy right now, and I am very thankful for that.

Recycling is a very easy and conscious way to make a personal and positive impact on the world in which we live. Not only does this greatly impact the natural environment we live in, but it also affects the way we personally see the world and engage with material goods when we begin to consider how products came to fruition.

recycled-picture-frames-germanyEnvironmentally, our wealth in the West has lead to a consumer based culture that fuels our desire for more products and ultimately leads to creating more waste. Not just more trees being cut down, or the bi annual updated version of a new product, but also simply from garbage—packaging on products, most of which are not biodegradable. As our landfills fill up, recycling can simply help to reduce the pollution caused by waste. Clearly, the use of a recycled item leads to less habitat destruction (which looks like deforestation).

Personally, by using or buying a recycled product, you are literally preserving a piece of history, and simultaneously helping to preserve natural resources for future generations. Every item has a story. It was once something else. If you get to know that story, that makes everything more powerful and interesting. Once you become aware of how your buying patterns, you can easily make small changes that make big difference.


Frameworks makes picture frames in Berlin from recycled wood from Germany. Each frame has a story that we can tell you. Upcycling in Berlin is a trend that we want to be a part of. Custom picture frames for paintings, photography, Art Prints, Vintage art, can all be manufactured by us in house, story and all.

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