In the Beginning: Frameworks Berlin 1 Year Anniversary

frameworks-berlin-bio-01Frameworks Berlin will proudly have its 1 year birthday on May 30th. We are tremendously proud in the ways we have grown and developed into the last year. Our up-cycled picture frames have created a rumor here in Berlin, especially knowing that we do some great custom picture framing, as well as some vintage frames and contemporary wooden picture frames. From Photography, to oil paintings, to 1st edition art prints, Frameworks Berlin is framing it all. Our Workshops have been very popular among locals, and the Photo Booth frames are often taken home by tourists visiting Berlin. Picture framing and Berlin. So simple, so good.

However, in the beginning, Frameworks Berlin looked like Claire D’Orsay in her apartment. Let’s have look:

frameworks-berlin-bio-02Beautiful and interesting recycled wood is HARD to find. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! In a huge container of junked wood, only a small portion of it can actually be up-cycled. That means the wood that is reclaimed is sorted, and this takes a long time. In the beginning I was always by myself when looking for wood. Therefor the process took even longer. Back when Frameworks was not

frameworks-berlin-bio-03located in Stattbad Wedding, I would take the wood home! Whenever a friend would help, they would spend some time in exchange for food and beer outside in the courtyard extracting metal from from the wood. Depending on the wood, this could go quickly or take hours. I would then frameworks-berlin-bio-04store the wood in my basement! Here are some photos of the first batches of recycled wood that were stored at home in my basement. Since I literally handled every piece of wood, I could tell you exactly what the wood was and where it came from! As Frameworks grows, this becomes more difficult, but there is always someone at Frameworks who knows, if not me! There is always a story.

frameworks-berlin-bio-05I would then take the reclaimed wood to a carpentry studio that I rented out. At the time, the studio was far about 45 mins away. That meant, I would have to pack all the wood into my car, and drive it 45 mins to the carpentry room. I would work on the wood for 3-7 hours, cutting it into its moulding form, repack it all and drive it back home! As you can see, recycled products take a significant more amount of time than new products!

frameworks-berlin-bio-06Then the wood upstairs INTO my apartment to make the actual picture frame! I made custom frames and batches of the exchangeable frames that Frameworks sells on the markets (and hopefully soon online). I made some box frames, did some painting. It was great. But Frameworks was already growing and my apartment was not!

It was in December 2013 that I decided to make the big step. I started looking for a studio. Through the pure luck of life, I was connected to #Openwalls Gallery in Stattbad Wedding. They were looking for a framer, and I was looking for a place to frame. It was meant to be. I finally was able to move into my own studio April 1st 2014. On May 30th, 2014, Frameworks Berlin had its official opening party alongside the Vernissage from Anton Unai and so began everything. But I will never ever forget where Frameworks really started to grow. At home.

**A special thank-you Nadine D’Orsay. **


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