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Frameworks Berlin makes an absolutely one-of-a-kind frame at a highly professional level. All frames are hand made from colorful and unique recycled wood found in Germany. Frames from new wood are also hand made, in order to cover all desired framing styles for our customers. You will receive knowledgeable advice and together select wood, paper, mattboard, and glass for your most favorite piece of art.

We aren’t just artists, we are highly skilled professional picture framers, experienced with the highest standards of preservation, and working to make a sustainable product that has history.

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5 Tips for Street Photography Success

Street photography is worlds apart from staged family portraits and Instagram travel shots. It is the spontaneous capture of interesting human subjects or a vibrant street scene; blink and you’ll miss it. Street photographers take their trusty camera everywhere because they know a great photo could be around the next corner.

If you’re new to street photography, here are some useful tips.

Choose the Right Camera

Professional photographers typically carry a large DSLR, but for an amateur, a small compact is a better choice, as it’s easier to use on the hoof and less conspicuous. To begin with, use the P mode so the camera automatically selects the best settings, but once you get the hang of it, try experimenting with different shutter speeds and exposures. Wide-angle lenses are perfect for street photography. They allow you to get up close to the action.

Be Brave

Many photographers are afraid of causing offense by taking candid photos of passing subjects. They worry it will get them into bother. However, if you want to embrace street photography and capture the human experience, you need to let go of your fear and take a step out of your comfort zone. Find a place in an interesting location and wait for the perfect shot. If someone does notice you taking photos and is offended, show them the photo and offer to delete it if they object.

Tell a Story

Street photography is your take on the world. Look for scenes that speak to you. It could be anything from a crowded marketplace in Bangkok to a man sleeping rough in a concrete tunnel on a cold winter’s night. Look for contrasts. Rich and poor, old and young, even contrasting light and shade all make powerful images. The very best street photography captures an emotion, so you need to be ready with your camera. To begin with, start local in places you are familiar with, and then look for new locations, the busier the better.

Be Patient

The best photos don’t happen immediately. You may have to wait for a great image and you will probably have to take hundreds of shots to end up with one decent one.

Be Comfortable

Hot on the heels of our last tip, it is a good idea to wear comfortable clothing. Hanging around in one place for hours is tough in poor weather. Make sure you are warm (or cool).

Once you have captured an iconic image you’re proud of, look for the perfect frame in our online store!

Contact us at +49 (0) 30 5366 4996 to schedule a appointment today.

What’s the Value of True Hardwood Picture Frames?

What’s the Value of True Hardwood Picture Frames?You have something special to frame. You want to make sure this image stands out in the right way and conveys a message to you every time you see it. You also want a frame that looks beautiful and lasts. For these reasons, you may be thinking about using a hardwood picture frame. This is a more expensive product, but it offers a lot of style and class. And, it can be the ideal choice for nearly any type of display. As you take into consideration all of the options available to you today, don’t overlook what hardwood can offer to your display.

Vintage and Antique Frames

What’s the Value of True Hardwood Picture Frames?Perhaps the most common reason to purchase hardwood frames is because this is the type of frame commonly found in the 1800s and early 1900s. Perhaps your room’s theme is vintage. You may have the need to give a gift that is a family heirloom and an older frame seems like the best way to do just that. If you hope to give the photo an antique look or a vintage flare to it, hardwood is a must. This is the type of frame used traditionally during this period of time. It helps to carry through your theme or style very well.

Buying a Gift

One of the reasons to invest in hardwood picture frames when choosing your options is because of the actual dollar value they represent. Most hardwood frames are actually valuable items. This can help to give you the confidence you need when giving a gift to someone that is important. Who doesn’t want a beautiful hardwood frame with detailing on it? In short, this adds to the value of the gift and makes it worthwhile for many people.

Quality Construction Matters

What’s the Value of True Hardwood Picture Frames?Another reason to go with true hardwood has to do with the construction of it. Perhaps you want this piece to be passed down for years to come. On the other hand, you may want to give something that offers true quality workmanship. Hardwood tends to offer that because it is less likely to be machine-created.

As you consider all of the options you have in picture frames, take the time to check out the hardwood products available to you. You may find they are more affordable than you think and they definitely add a higher quality of satisfaction to the piece.

Why Professional Picture Framing Is Ideal

picture frameYou’ve gone to the store and purchased picture frames. Perhaps you’ve purchased a few sets of them and placed them on your walls. They look, just okay. And, they do not give your photos any added benefit. However, if you choose to have your photos framed professionally, on the other hand, you may be able to create something that is visually stunning and interesting. Your “just okay” photos become pieces of artwork and visitor attention-grabbing images on the walls of your home. Why should you consider the value of professional framing?

Choose a Frame That Matches a Photo

One of the best reasons to choose a professional to frame your favorite photos is because the work is done based on your needs. You are not limited by color or material. You have many different options to select from as well as the ability to create customized looks. When you have this level of flexibility, you can truly find the right look for just about any space. You can even work alongside the professional company to ensure you have the best photo frame for the image you have.

Get the Details Just Right

Are you thinking about the matting for the photos? Have you considered the type of frame, glass, and overall cut of the photo? Many times, those at the store photo frames give you very little option. And, while off the shelf products like this can be okay, they lack the ability to create a very beautiful, professional look. When you work with a professional to frame your photos on the other hand, you create images that are beautiful and matted properly. This not only helps those images to stand out and to look their best, but it also helps to keep those images protected behind the right types of materials for years to come.

Take a few minutes to visit the best picture frame company in Berlin. When you do, you will see instantly what the difference is in professionally framing your photos and doing it yourself. You will see that those photos come to life, stand out, and are properly created to the image that fits your space. It only takes a few minutes to see just how impressive these looks can be. Why not check out what you can do with the right photo frames from a professional organization.

Preserving Photos Through Framing

frameworksFrom those sentimental photos of your children when they were young to older photos, including those of your parents when they were young, the best possible way to get the most out of these images is to frame them. Photo framing offers a number of benefits. Not only can it help to minimize the amount of wear and tear on your images, but it also allows you to place them wherever they fit your needs. You’ll love being able to look over and have fond memories coming rushing back.

What To Know Before Framing

Before you choose to frame your photos, there are a few things to keep in mind. This is especially important if your plan to preserve photos in this manner for the long term.

  • Always let a professional help you with the framing process. It is important to take into consideration the age of the photo and its condition. While digital photos may last forever, those in a frame may not if not properly placed.
  • Choose the photo frame as well as the paper matting carefully, especially with careful consideration to the chemicals in each. A professional can help you to do this as well.
  • Choose a frame that you’ll love for the long term. Although you can purchase inexpensive frames often, high quality frames will last decades if not longer. When you invest in quality, you’ll enjoy it for much longer.

Why take the steps to preserve a photo with a picture frame?

frameworksThe answers are simple. As that photo sits on your desk or hangs on the wall, it is not just the image within it that maintains
its value and holds memories. Over time, it is the entire photograph and frame that makes the impression. Think about how important it can be to preserve those memories. With the right frame and properly installed photo, you’ll enjoy lasting beauty for years – if not a lifetime – to come.

To learn more about all of your options, schedule a consultation. Even if you have a handful of photos you’ve just printed, you can create a beautiful memorial that you can cherish for years to come. Work with a company that offers custom work and handmade picture frames for the best results. It matters and it can give you exactly what you are looking for in a preserved photo. Call the best picture frame company in Berlin to learn more about your options at Tel. +49 (0) 176 31 38 73 06.

Frameworks Berlin – Exberliner!

Old family prints, black-and-white photo booth strips, original work by your many Berlin artist friends: how much of this is scattered around your WG, curling at the edges or collecting dust? Make this the year you finally show those visual heirlooms some love, with a visit to Frameworks Berlin. This six-month-old Kreuzberg shop offers custom framing services and readymades, all hand-worked from repurposed – dare we say “upcycled” – wood.


Founder and Brooklyn expat Claire D’Orsay, who dubs herself “that crazy girl who will pick up wood, if you call her”, sources her supplies from all over the city: cast-off old doors, antique tables, demolished allotment garden huts… The result, besides a shop that smells delightfully of pine, is frames that are totally unique and earth-conscious to boot, the only danger being that they might upstage the art they’re meant to showcase.

If you’re not quite ready for a custom job (€100-200), take a baby step into this sartorial adult quest with the shop’s best-seller, a rectangular frame built specifically for that four-picture Fotoautomat strip you’ve probably got tacked to your wall right now (€25-27).

Frameworks Berlin

Reichenberger Str. 28, 10999 Berlin
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030 5366 4996

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Wed-Fri 11-19:00, Sat 11-17:00

In the Beginning: Frameworks Berlin 1 Year Anniversary

frameworks-berlin-bio-01Frameworks Berlin will proudly have its 1 year birthday on May 30th. We are tremendously proud in the ways we have grown and developed into the last year. Our up-cycled picture frames have created a rumor here in Berlin, especially knowing that we do some great custom picture framing, as well as some vintage frames and contemporary wooden picture frames. From Photography, to oil paintings, to 1st edition art prints, Frameworks Berlin is framing it all. Our Workshops have been very popular among locals, and the Photo Booth frames are often taken home by tourists visiting Berlin. Picture framing and Berlin. So simple, so good.

However, in the beginning, Frameworks Berlin looked like Claire D’Orsay in her apartment. Let’s have look:

frameworks-berlin-bio-02Beautiful and interesting recycled wood is HARD to find. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! In a huge container of junked wood, only a small portion of it can actually be up-cycled. That means the wood that is reclaimed is sorted, and this takes a long time. In the beginning I was always by myself when looking for wood. Therefor the process took even longer. Back when Frameworks was not

frameworks-berlin-bio-03located in Stattbad Wedding, I would take the wood home! Whenever a friend would help, they would spend some time in exchange for food and beer outside in the courtyard extracting metal from from the wood. Depending on the wood, this could go quickly or take hours. I would then frameworks-berlin-bio-04store the wood in my basement! Here are some photos of the first batches of recycled wood that were stored at home in my basement. Since I literally handled every piece of wood, I could tell you exactly what the wood was and where it came from! As Frameworks grows, this becomes more difficult, but there is always someone at Frameworks who knows, if not me! There is always a story.

frameworks-berlin-bio-05I would then take the reclaimed wood to a carpentry studio that I rented out. At the time, the studio was far about 45 mins away. That meant, I would have to pack all the wood into my car, and drive it 45 mins to the carpentry room. I would work on the wood for 3-7 hours, cutting it into its moulding form, repack it all and drive it back home! As you can see, recycled products take a significant more amount of time than new products!

frameworks-berlin-bio-06Then the wood upstairs INTO my apartment to make the actual picture frame! I made custom frames and batches of the exchangeable frames that Frameworks sells on the markets (and hopefully soon online). I made some box frames, did some painting. It was great. But Frameworks was already growing and my apartment was not!

It was in December 2013 that I decided to make the big step. I started looking for a studio. Through the pure luck of life, I was connected to #Openwalls Gallery in Stattbad Wedding. They were looking for a framer, and I was looking for a place to frame. It was meant to be. I finally was able to move into my own studio April 1st 2014. On May 30th, 2014, Frameworks Berlin had its official opening party alongside the Vernissage from Anton Unai and so began everything. But I will never ever forget where Frameworks really started to grow. At home.

**A special thank-you Nadine D’Orsay. **


Mat Boards

Custom Picture framing offers many types of mourning techniques, one of which is the classy Mat Board. The Mat board, Mount, or simply Mat, is a piece of thick paper, thickness from 1mm-5mm in size that has several functions, both practical and visual.

Decoration (& Protection)

Mats are from the customer perspective, mainly a decorative enhancement, with many options to choose from. The matt in addition to the frame, is meant to draw the attention towards the artwork, enclosing, finalising, and protecting the entire piece of work. The Mat’s inside edge can sit on top of the image covering up a couple millimetres of the image below (see below Example of a “top mount” with a Vintage Berliner Moulding Frame), or the image can sit within the window of the Mat, leaving a couple millimetres around the image and the edge of the mat board (see below Example of a float mount with Frameworks Berlin custom moulding).

Top Mount
Float Mount














picture-frame-mat-examplesIn some cases, you have have several mats layered on top of each other, creating an additional design. These mats can vary in color or width, adding to and enhancing the overall design of the picture frame. The mat board themselves can be decorated by hand, wrapped with fabric, or even carved into, since they are thick and dense, becoming a piece of the art.

An example of a mat that has been painted on is known as a French line or French panel. In this example, a line is drawn directly onto the mat with ink or paint and follows the cut out all the way around. When the line is thick, it is known as a “panel” versus just a “line”. Gold, ink, paint, or pencil can be used to draw the line or fill in the panel.

A typical mat is rectangular in shape, following the normal cuts of a piece of paper. However, mats that are oval in shape can also be cut, although this is not common. Various shapes can be cut into a mat, depending on the customer desire. More common are multiple window mat boards, allowing for multiple images to be framed by a mat within one picture frame.

Mat boards come in an astonishing variety of colours and sizes. An intense color mat can distract from the art, and therefore it is common that high end galleries, art collectors, and museum use white based Mat boards to defer to the art itself. Frameworks Berlin specialises in using the white spectrum of Matt boards, and when desired, additional colored mats can be ordered.

Lastly, concerning distance around the image, matting usually has the same distance all the way around the image. The other common method is known as “bottom weighting” or “off sets.” This is prioritized when the visual center of an image is lower than the actual center of the piece of paper. In this case, the bottom is made larger than the sides and top (when the remaining three sides are made equal, this is know as “Top Center”). This has the visual effect of drawing the eye to the center of the image.








Protection (& Decoration)

All the aesthetics are great, but for the professional framer, the Mat board has the primary function of separating the glass from the art, photograph, print, image, etc, which is being framed. This distance if for archival or conservation purposes. As discussed in the Protect your Art article (click here for more) without any breathing room, moisture, mold, condensation, humidity, will be trapped and absorbed into the piece of artwork, resulting in damage to the artwork. Photographs are particularly vulnerable to destruction when in contact with glass, and should always be frame with space left between glass and image. Pastels or chalks easily smudge, and also should conclusively always be framed with a space between.

For images that are on paper that is stable, mat boards are resourceful because they allow for the use of photo corners, which are then hidden behind the mat board. This way, the image itself does not need to be mounted, but instead can easily be removed in the future from the corners which hold it in place.

Conclusively, whether you have a newly made oak frame, a vintage baroque frame, an up-cycled Frameworks Berlin frame, or a contemporary wooden picture frame—with Custom framing options, Frameworks Berlin can offer you what you want.

What about Glass?

Glass is not just glass. In the world of framing, there are big differences that glass has on your custom picture frame (and admittingly on your final price). It is good knowing what kinda choice you are making, when you are asked, what about glass?

Glass is a non-crystalline, solid material. The most commonly know of which is based on the chemical compound silica or silicon dioxide. Sand is mostly made of silica, and thus historically much of glass was made from sand; however, modern day glass is a careful combination of multiple materials, including, gypsum, dolomite, soda-ash and limestone.

Standard Picture Glass

This is the most common form of glass found in picture frames. This “plain” glass has a natural green tint to it due to its iron content, and is usually 2mm or 3mm thick. Standard picture glass is ultimately the least expensive option for protecting your art from dust and dirty fingers. The major negative with this option is that you will see a strong reflection in the glass. If the frame is located somewhere with lots of natural sun light or overhead lights, you will not be able to see the image properly, and over time, the image will start to discolor due to a lack of UV protection.


Conservation Glass

Also know as Museums Glass, there is a lot going on here:

  • Protects against the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays
  • Reduces reflections to less than 1% – making the glass virtually invisible
  • Has a coating that resists dust
  • Low iron percentage, giving glass zero color shift

Museums glass is also typically 2mm or 3mm thick, and is the only real option for truly protecting any art that has real value to it. With the UV protection, it helps to prevent discoloration over time due to sunlight, and of course, with the anti-reflective properties, you get to fully appreciate your image. But as one can image with these increasing benefits, one has significantly increasing, usually 2-3times more than normal glass costs.


Plastic Glass

Also know as “Plexi” or “Acrylic” glass, this light weight and non-breakable glass could also be considered for framing large works (thus making the overall frame lighter), particularly those that might be transported often between shows (less likelihood of breaking). Other than these two positives, plastic glass scratches extremely easily, which can only be resolved by replacing the plastic. In addition, it retains a high static charge, which makes dust stick to the surface, and potentially un-usable for artworks made of pastels or charcoals. There is the possibility to buy acrylic glass that is enhanced with an UV filter and has anti-static coating, but this increases the price tremendously. Please do not believe that because it is plastic, it is cheaper than normal glass—it isn’t. Acrylic glass often has to be ordered to size, increasing its costs, and due to the previously described negatives, might not be worth it.

Recycled/Upcycled Glass

Of course we can always use some recycled glass for your upcycled picture frame! If you have your own piece, we can use it, so bring it with you. Since upcycling is our business here in Berlin, we also have some pieces of old glass.

Old glass is unique, because the process for making glass for contemporary wooden picture frames was different then today. Therefore, old glass tends to not be even, having some parts thicker than other. Frames for paintings don’t need any glass, but for those vintage frames, old glass has a pretty unique look to it.

Why Recycled Materials?

recycled-picture-frames-berlin-01People often ask me how I came up with the idea of using recycled materials for our custom picture frames, and I have to admit, it wasn’t a novel idea. Recycled products are currently very trendy right now, and I am very thankful for that.

Recycling is a very easy and conscious way to make a personal and positive impact on the world in which we live. Not only does this greatly impact the natural environment we live in, but it also affects the way we personally see the world and engage with material goods when we begin to consider how products came to fruition.

recycled-picture-frames-germanyEnvironmentally, our wealth in the West has lead to a consumer based culture that fuels our desire for more products and ultimately leads to creating more waste. Not just more trees being cut down, or the bi annual updated version of a new product, but also simply from garbage—packaging on products, most of which are not biodegradable. As our landfills fill up, recycling can simply help to reduce the pollution caused by waste. Clearly, the use of a recycled item leads to less habitat destruction (which looks like deforestation).

Personally, by using or buying a recycled product, you are literally preserving a piece of history, and simultaneously helping to preserve natural resources for future generations. Every item has a story. It was once something else. If you get to know that story, that makes everything more powerful and interesting. Once you become aware of how your buying patterns, you can easily make small changes that make big difference.


Frameworks makes picture frames in Berlin from recycled wood from Germany. Each frame has a story that we can tell you. Upcycling in Berlin is a trend that we want to be a part of. Custom picture frames for paintings, photography, Art Prints, Vintage art, can all be manufactured by us in house, story and all.

Berlin MouldingBerliner Leiste

The “Berliner Leiste” is a vintage picture frame moulding that originated between 1830 to 1880 in Berlin, during the time known as the Biedermeier Period.

berliner-leiste-picture-frames-germanyberliner-leiste-picture-frames-berlinAt this point in history, growing urbanisation and industrialization resulted in a growing middle-class, whom became a new audience and consumer of the arts. As art became more accessible and appealing, the period produced a more affordable type of picture frame design that is simple and elegant, therefore bringing a desirable cohesion with more modern drawings and paintings.

The Berliner Leiste (Berlin Moulding) is an example of a contemporary wooden picture frame. It is unique because it is silver platted, and afterwards painted with a yellow/gold shellac, to imitate a gold plated frame. The result over time is an exceptionally elegant and rare frame. Some frames are reduced to their original silver platting, which equally stand out in presentation and beauty.

These vintage frames are available for sale through Frameworks Berlin. We have an extraordinary selection of Berliner Leiste frames, in which we can custom frame your art, photography, or painting. For more information, please contact us directly.

Die “Berliner Leiste ” ist ein Vintage Bilderrahmen , die zwischen Form 1830-1880 in Berlin entstanden ist, während der Zeit, als der Biedermeierzeitbekannt.

Berliner-Leiste-Bilderrahmen-Berlin-DeutschlandAn diesem Punkt in der Geschichte, die zunehmende Verstädterung und Industrialisierung führte zu einer wachsenden Mittelschicht , die ein neues Publikum und Verbraucher der Künste wurde . Als Kunst besser zugänglich und attraktiv geworden ist, produziert die Zeit eine erschwingliche Art von Bilderrahmen -Design, schlicht und elegant ist daher bringt eine wünschenswerte Zusammenhalt mit modernen Zeichnungen und Gemälde.

Berliner-Leiste-Bilderrahmen-DeutschlandDie Berliner Leiste (Berlin Moulding) ist ein Beispiel für eine zeitgenössische Bilderrahmen aus Holz . Es ist einzigartig, weil es Silber flochten , und danach mit einem gelb / gold Schellack lackiert, zu imitieren einen vergoldeten Rahmen. Das Ergebnis über die Zeit ist eine außergewöhnlich elegante und seltene Rahmen. Einige Bilder werden in ihre ursprüngliche Silber Flechten , die gleichermaßen zeichnen sich in Präsentation und Schönheit reduziert.

Diese Vintage-Rahmen sind durch Frameworks Berlin zum Verkauf angeboten. Wir haben eine außergewöhnliche Auswahl an Berliner Leiste Rahmen, in dem wir kundenspezifischen Rahmen Ihrer Kunst, Fotografie oder Malerei. Für weitere Informationen, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte direkt.

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