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Frameworks Berlin makes an absolutely one-of-a-kind frame at a highly professional level. All frames are hand made from colorful and unique recycled wood found in Germany. Frames from new wood are also hand made, in order to cover all desired framing styles for our customers. You will receive knowledgeable advice and together select wood, paper, mattboard, and glass for your most favorite piece of art.

We aren’t just artists, we are highly skilled professional picture framers, experienced with the highest standards of preservation, and working to make a sustainable product that has history.

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Category Archives: Holiday Gift Guide

Guide To Gifts That Give

Share the value for fair trade and artisan made goods? Then check out our Guide To Gifts That Give back for the socially conscious Berliner! This guides takes into consideration how a brand is committed to giving back to charity, conservation of the planet and/or artisan craftsmanship.

Frameworks feels each product included carries a meaningful story and does well by both people and planet. We hope that by supporting cause based businesses making a difference this holiday season, you are able to pass on a passion for ethics to your most cherished family and friends.



Woodcessories designs, as the name already tells, wooden accessories for Apple products. All accessories are handmade, sustainably produced und combine nature and technique in an innovative way.

The founders of the German Startup Woodcessories, Sebastian and Sebastian, are Apple lovers and passionate for plain and simple design. That was why they were highly disappointed about the boring plastic Cases and Covers they found when they looked for protection for their mobiles and laptops. Then in 2011, during a hiking tour in Colorado, they had an idea: Why not combine nature and technology and create an innovative fusion of both things they love? Why not integrate nature into everyday life? Woodcessories was born!


Woodcessories creates wooden accessories for the whole Apple family, for iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac and Apple Watch. All of the products are handmade, the wood is selected by hand and – most important – comes from sustainable forestry! The company only works with FSC-certified wood and companies that have the FSC-certification. Additionally, the Startup is a member of “Trees for the Future”, an organization that helps farmers in Africa to improve their life standards. For every product that Woodcessories sells, “Trees for the Future” plants a tree and supports farming in regions like Uganda and Kenia. Woodcessories stands for a unique symbiosis of nature and technology and especially for a reawakening of nature in everyday life. This „back-to-the-rootsmentality” is what you can see in all the products Woodcessories offers in its online shop: www.woodcessories.com! (Additional fun fact: The website shows the current number of trees that have been planted.)

Voucher code: woodfood (25% uniquely applicable)


Peaceful times with Conflictfood


War, crisis and poverty are in many countries daily business. The founders of Conflictfood Salem El-Mogaddedi and Gernot Würtenberger didn’t want to watch anymore and started their journey. Since 2016 they travel to conflict regions and look for the best traditional farm products. In the world`s kitchen there are real treasures to discover.


Through fair and direct trade with farmers Conflictfood creates new perspectives and shows ways out of poverty. Furthermore, their profit is invested in educational project in the countries of origin.

Hand-picked saffron from a women’s collective in Afghanistan, traditional roasted wheat from Palestine or wild growing tea from Myanmar. Your purchase can become a step towards peace!

Get 10% off @ Conflictfood online shop until 31.01.2018 with the code: „FAIR“



Photocircle puts people back in the picture! With each art print you buy, you support development projects all over the world.


Wall art for a better world? Yup, that’s a thing. At Photocircle, you buy art prints that will not only make your walls happy: over 700 international artists sell prints of their photography and illustrations through the online gallery. With every purchase, up to 50% of the total price goes towards a humanitarian or development project in the region in which the artwork was created. In order to be able to ensure best value for money at the same time, Photocircle does without expensive marketing campaigns entirely.


So far, Photocircle has been able to successfully finance as many as 69 projects this way! To give some examples: families in Myanmar and Niger were given domestic pigs and goats for stockbreeding; ten girls in Bangladesh received elementary education; and a family of Syrian refugees in Jordan was supported financially in order to facilitate a fresh start for them. Photocircle has also worked on several projects to help facilitate the integration of refugees in Germany and helpedsurvivors of human trafficking start a new life through education.

Voucher code: FAIR (15% till January 6th)



Giving got soul.


Sustainability made easy – with soulbottles. As our starting point we chose the most essential element of all: water. And we put the soul in

drinking water. soulbottles are drinking bottles made out of glass, fairly produced in Germany, a 100% plastic free and pretty good looking, too. Sounds utopian? Not so much, because every single resource for a glassmade drinking bottle can actually be found within our country. We proudly


guarantee a sustainable and fair manufacturing process while avoiding long transits. We are aware that not everyone has clean water always accessible. Therefore we support water projects all over the world – with a 1€ donation per soulmate sold.

But together, doing good is a lot easier. Thus: get your soulbottle! We waive 5€ of your command, and you contribute to clean water access all over the world.

5€ off @ soulbottles.com until 07.01.2018: soulfulchristmas

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