Picture Framing: Choose the Right Color

What steps should you take to choose the right way to display your photos? Photos are one of the best ways to showcase memories, share thoughts about the ones you love, or just remember specific times in your life. Yet, many people struggle with the process. How can you turn these photos from simple pieces of paper with an image on them to pieces of art that hang on your walls and add dimension to the space? To achieve this, you need to choose the right picture frame. Color is one of the key components of this process.

Tips for Choosing Colors

Before you can begin to choose colors for your picture frame, you need to take into consideration the type of material first. Picture frames can be a wide range of materials including everything from glass to wood. Select a material that you like, but also that blends in well with the space you plan to place it in.

Then, consider a few things about colors:

  • Look at other materials in the room where you plan to place the photos. What colors are prominent? To create a cohesive look, match all of the wood tones, for example.
  • You can use color to add dimension and something stunning to the space as well. If you want to create a focal point on a wall, for example, choose a bright color that stands out and doesn’t match anything else. That photo will be impressive on that wall.
  • Think about the photo as well. You’ll want to choose a color frame that helps the image on the photo to stand out. For example, if the photo is mostly black and white, choose a frame that allows those grays to stand out rather than to blend into the wall around it.

It can be a good idea to think of photos as a type of artwork that you will place on the walls of your space. Then, take into consideration the theme or style of the room. When you consider these factors, you can create photos and frames that add character and interest to the space.

If you need help choosing the right picture frames and using them in your space, turn to a professional. You can always work with our local picture frame professionals in Berlin to help you to choose the right color and style for any space or photo.

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