What Color Should a Picture Frame Be?

 Frame ColoringWhen it comes time to picking out a frame for your picture or photo, you may get stuck. You may be unsure what type of frame will work the best or what type of colors you should apply to the design. The good news is that there are many types of products on the market and most of them can offer a wide range of option for you. The key is understanding what you want the picture to convey to those seeing it and to choose something that works for your needs in terms of budget, design, and wood. When you work with the best picture frame company in Berlin, you will get the help you need throughout this process.

Key Decisions to Consider About Picture Frame Coloring

 Frame ColoringTo help you to make the right decision about the picture frame and the coloring of it, keep the following tips in mind.

  • First consider the photo and artwork itself. If the photography used within the frame is strong and has more modern looks, you can choose a frame that has more bold and modern lines to it. On the other hand, those photos that are more subdued can be overshadowed by a frame that stands out too much.
  • Think about where you will display the piece. What types of colors and styles are present in that area? It is important to ensure your piece will work there, but don’t be afraid to allow those colors to stand out some as well. It can be a bright red frame, for example, in an otherwise dull room.
  • Don’t just guess. One of the best ways to choose a color is to ask for samples, take them home, and see how well they will work. You may be able to find samples available to you in a variety of wood types as well as in multiple color patterns. This will also allow you to determine if bold colors will work better or if something less stand out fits your needs more fully.

 Frame ColoringDon’t be afraid to use color in the framing or the frame itself. However, you do not want the matting or the frame to take over the photo or dominate the image. Be sure they work well to create the same message. Doing this allows you to have the best possible completed work which will look fabulous on your wall.




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